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Leading personalities the world over have recorded their life stories with Legacy®, including Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, former heads of state, heads of NGOs and supranational organizations, leaders in industry, education and government – simply stated, people who set the trend. The timing of the release of the material and audience selection is up to the content contributor. Generally, Legacy ‘s content contributors would like their material available for the motivation and education of selected audiences from the general public to family members. Your story deserves to be recorded and protected for the benefit of future generations. Once you create an invaluable audiovisual heirloom with Legacy©, you will achieve peace of mind in knowing that your stories will always be available to those who are most important to you – when they want to hear about it. Make your donation to future generations with the gift that will give again and again. Contact Legacy® today.

Dr. Norman Borlaug

Dr. Norman Borlaug is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureat.

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