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Amy Balderson Junod

Founder of Legacy®, she serves as the principal interviewer
The depth of Amy Balderson’s commitment and strength of her vision came from a personal loss.The seed idea for Legacy® began when Amy was a broadcast journalist in…..

David C. Beck

Owner and managing director since 1998 of Copia Capital, LLC, a private investment vehicle, active in financing early stage financial and communications services companies and developing operational capability for existing, high growth potential companies….

Laetitia Fatio Gaillard

Laetitia Fatio Gaillard’s extensive global experience includes Customer Relations & Care, Services, Aftersales, Operations, Key Account and Project Management in fast paced and technical environments.  Pragmatic, energetic and quality minded she has defined …

Kuena Diaho

Kuena Diaho hails from the Kingdom of Lesotho. She is a lawyer by profession and currently works for the Central Bank of Lesotho as Legal Counsel with the Department of Corporate Affairs. Kuena serves the World Young Women’s Christian Association as …

Caspar Appeldoorn

Caspar Appeldoorn served as Vice President and General Manager EMEA at Ecolab from September 2010 to March 2014. Ecolab deals in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services that protect people and vital resources. Caspar was responsible for …

Beheruz Sethna

From 1994 to June 30, 2013, Dr. Beheruz N. Sethna was President of The University of West Georgia. When he retired, he was the longest-serving University President in the State (public and private). The following accomplishments are shared ones, and reflect…

Kathy G. Lubbers

Lubbers balances long term strategic planning with immediate and tangible results. As an entrepreneur, business owner and as Managing Partner of several LLC’s, she knows what it takes to blend a team of professionals. Kathy served as Senior Advisor and media….

Terry Balderson

Terry Balderson represents Legacy® in the US. He is an Adviser to the founder of Legacy® and conducts life history interviews in Florida. He is also a consultant to national political figures as well as a select group of individuals and corporations….

Musimbi Kanyoro

Population Program Director for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Dr. Kanyoro is a member of Legacy’s Advisory Board. She was the first woman from a developing country to head the World YWCA when she appointed as Secretary General (CEO) in 1998…..

In Grateful Recognition

The Honorable Francis Blanchard

The former Director-General of the International Labor Organization, Dr. Blanchard, served on Legacy’s Advisory Board during his last four years. Known as a “diplomat par excellence” he is credited with consipiring with Pope Jean-Paul to help Lech Walesa gain power and saving Poland from emancipation of dictatorship…..

Dr. Norman Borlaug

The 1970 Nobeal Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Norman Ernest Borlaug served on Legacy’s Board of Advisors during his last five years. Known as the “Father of the Green Revolution”, he has been credited with saving over one billion lives. He is recognized the world over for his work as a biochemist in developing hybrid wheat and varieties of……

Whittlesey, Faith Ryan – Former US Ambassador to Switzerland

Mrs. Whittlesey served two terms under President Ronald Reagan as the US Ambassador to Switzerland from 1981-1983 and again from 1985-1988. She was a senior member of the White House staff as Director of the Office of Public Liaison during the two years period between her two tours as Ambassador.

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