Gerard Fatio

Legacy: “Please talk about your grandfather, Guillaume Fatio.”

Gérard Fatio: “He was asked by the government to organize the coming of the League of Nations in Geneva. The League of Nations is what was before the United Nations.  It was the idea of President Wilson. After World War I, he had this vision of having a meeting place for all nations to talk. And this idea was not followed by the States. Wilson got sick and could not defend his idea. So, it was the United States that did not go to the League of Nations, but the idea materialized by having first meeting here in Geneva. And my grandfather went to the States and met with President Wilson.  He could sense the idea and organized the first meeting here. So, this idea could develop. So that is quite important for Geneva, because, of course it is not only the United Nations which is important but all the other services and organizations around the United Nations or international organizations in all sorts of fields – they developed around this in Geneva “


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