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Provoke understanding and caring

Our mission:

  • To capture and preserve the experience, wisdom and values of people who make a difference in our world
  • To distribute video highlights so viewers understand the perspective of the interviewee and gain social context
  • To inspire viewers to build on achievements and learn from mistakes
  • To achieve authentic History = his story and hers.

Legacy® records in-depth audiovisual interviews of the life stories of people who shape our world. We make this high-impact content available according to the wishes of the content contributor:

  • from educational, historical or Internet programming
  • to documentaries and video biographies
  • to producers for the mass broadcast market
  • to restricting access to family members only on a specified date in the future, as several high-profile personalities have elected to do.

Legacy® stores two master copies of each interview in separate, undisclosed, climate-controlled locations in Switzerland to protect the physical integrity of the content.

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Dr. Norman Borlaug

Dr. Norman Borlaug is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

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