An Introduction to Legacy’s Team

In grateful recognition

Dr. Norman Borlaug

(21 March 1914; † 12 September 2009) The 1970 Nobeal Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Norman Ernest Borlaug served on Legacy’s Board of Advisors during his last five years. Known as the “Father of the Green Revolution”, he has been credited with saving over one billion lives. He is recognized the world over for his work as a biochemist in developing hybrid wheat and varieties of cereal grains that produce high yields. He is considered one of the 20th century’s ten greatest contributors to humankind. (more…)




The Honorable Francis Blanchard

(21 July 1916; † 9 December 2009) The former Director-General of the International Labor Organization, Dr. Blanchard, served on Legacy’s Advisory Board during his last four years.  Known as a “diplomat par excellence” he is credited with consipiring with Pope Jean-Paul to help Lech Walesa gain power and saving Poland from emancipation of dictatorship. Under his leadership, the ILO pioneered efforts to unite the World Bank and the IMF to actively devise strategies to overcome poverty.(more…)




Who We Are


Amy Balderson Stephen Beekman Bonnie Fatio
Amy Balderson Stephen Beekman Bonnie Fatio
Musimbi Kanyoro Christian Marc Faith Whittlesey
Musimbi Kanyoro Christian Marc Faith Whittlesey
Batbileg Sugar
Frank Vizcarra Batbileg Sugar David C. Beck


Amy Balderson

As founder, managing director and principal interviewer for Legacy, Amy Balderson chairs the Board of Governors. She brings experience in broadcast journalism, communications and public affairs in Asia, the United States and Europe. (more…)


Stephen Beekman

Stephen Beekman serves on Legacy’s Board of Governors and heads up finance and operations. He also manages Stevenson & Beekman, a consulting partnership affiliated with the Hottinger Group. He has headed financial institutions including Bank of New York Inter-Maritime in Geneva and Chemical Bank. He is a member of one of the first founding families of New York City, with landmarks that bear the Beekman name including Beekman Place and Beekman Theatre. (more…)


Bonnie Lou Fatio

A member of Legacy’s Board of Governors, Bonnie Fatio founded AgeEsteem, a movement that celebrates age and aging. She is an internationally recognized motivational speaker, author, community leader and former politician. Bonnie Fatio is a Founding Partner of Blewfield Associates, is a member of the Friends of the UNHCR, is a former ECLOF board member and she has held management positions in education, business and healthcare. (more…)


Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro

Population Program Director for the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Dr. Kanyoro is a member of Legacy’s Advisory Board. She was the first woman from a developing country to head the World YWCA when she appointed as Secretary General (CEO) in 1998. Serving on numerous international boards,
Dr. Kanyoro is credited with advancing women’s leadership, human rights, reproductive health and HIV and AIDS. Recognized internationally as a public speaker, her work is published extensively, and she has authored many books and articles. (more…)


Mr. Christian Marc

France’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004 for his company Crocus Technologies, Christian Marc serves on Legacy’s Advisory Board and he also heads up technology. An internationally renowned figure in semiconductor products and markets developer, he owns several patents and is a Harvard ISMP graduate.(more…)


Mr. Frank Vizcarra

President of The Vizcarra Consulting Group, retired professional soccer player, Frank Vizcarra, began his business career with Pizza Hut as a restaurant manager and multi-unit Supervisor. (more…)


Mr. Batbileg Sugar

Formerly an intern for Legacy from the EPFL, Batbileg Sugar is an Advisor to Legacy in the areas of marketing and technology. He worked as an IT Engineer for World Vision International Mongolia. For Sky C&C he established, managed and administered the IT systems and servers.


The Honorable Faith Whittlesey

President and Chairman of the American Swiss Foundation, Ambassador Whittlesey serves on Legacy’s Advisory Board. She served two terms under President Ronald Reagan as the US Ambassador to Switzerland and was a senior member of the White House staff. She is Chairman of the Board of Overseers
of The Institute of World Politics and serves on a number of charitable and corporate boards including Valassis and Schindler Elevator USA. (more…)


David C. Beck

Former Banking Chairman,

Investor and Legacy Advisory Board

Owner and managing director since 1998 of Copia Capital, LLC, a private investment vehicle, active in financing early stage financial and communications services companies and developing operational capability for existing, high growth potential companies.(more…)