Marc, Christian

Founder of Crocus Technologies, France’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2004, and Member of the Advisory Board of Legacy(R)

Christian Marc, after an executive life in the high-tech industry founded Crocus Technology, and for this innovative company was the recipient of the French Ministry of Industry’s 2004 Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

He is a graduate of Harvard Business Schools ISMP program, holds a MSEE form France and an MBA from the USA. and holds patents.

He is a recognized semiconductor products and market developer in the US, Asia and Europe.

Mr. Marc has contributed two hours of his life story, and serves on Legacy’s Advisory Board. He is the strategic mind behind the processes between interview and distribution, making Legacy’s Memory Bank content accessible through the integration and development of technological tools.

A shareholder in the company, Mr. Marc is also a member of management and heads technology for Legacy.

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