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Tim LaRose is the Founder and Executive Director of The Global Lesson Foundation.

He has twenty years of experience in social organizations and a strategic intuition honed by earlier reconnaissance training in the Canadian military.

He is Executive Director of Rudyard Kiplings Youth Services, a company he founded in 2000 to provide homes to disadvantaged youth. In response to the challenge of integrating those youths into formal school systems, Tim has become an advocate for improved programming in non-traditional educational environments.

As founding Executive Director of Kidzstep Vocational Preparatory Centre, he has developed curricular programmes, and in 2005 began TaskPark corporation to create web-based tools to enable this programming to reach each of his homes and beyond.

Keenly perceptive of possibilities and with a contagious enthusiasm for building social capacity, Tim founded The Global Lesson Foundation (formerly Help the World, Help the World Foundation) in 2006 as a vehicle to provide educational programs, collaborative networks, resource libraries, and communication tools for youths and adults the world over. His vision is a global virtual network with the power to raise living standards and the quality of life for those without previous access to literacy programs and educational resources

Tim donated one hour of his life story to Legacy.

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