Fatio, Bonnie

Global Ambassador of Women’s Leadership, World YWCA, Founder of AgeEsteem® and Legacy® Board of Governors

Bonnie Lou Fatio is Founder of AgeEsteem and has held numerous community leadership positions, including in Swiss government. She currently serves on the board of Legacy® and is the Global Ambassador of Women’s Leadership, World YWCA.

Before founding her own businesses, she held management positions in education, business and health care.

She has board experience on a host of organizations ranging from a Knowledge Management firm to retirement homes. She served on the international board of ECLOF (Ecumenical Church Loan Fund) extending micro-credit within 40 countries. She presided the umbrella organization of the parents associations of the 8 collèges of Geneva; served on advisory boards to the Minister of Education; served on U.S. Consular Task Force to seek ways to retain a U.S. Consular Office in Geneva, and the United Nations Equal Opportunity Group of U.N. agencies and non-governmental organizations to promote women; and initiated the Young Career Women’s Award of the Career Women’s Forum. She also serves with Swiss leaders to support the work of the UN High Commission for Refugees.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Special Education plus Teachers Certificate from Michigan State University, U.S.A. and a Master of Arts degree in Human Resources Development with honors from Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bonnie Fatio grew up in the Midwest, U.S.A. and holds both American and Swiss citizenships. She and her husband, Gérard Fatio, have a daughter, Laetitia Fatio Gaillard and two granddaughters, Jessica and Viviane. Bonnie has traveled to meet with people, learn, train, lead groups and speak publicly in multiple countries outside of the U.S. and Europe including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Japan, Kenya, Philippines, S. Korea, and Uganda.

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