Beekman, Stephen

Retired International Banker and Founding Member of Legacy®

Stephen Beekman serves as the financial and administrative adviser to Legacy®. He brings to the project more than 30 years experience in banking, including 20 years in senior management positions in the United States and in Europe.

Mr. Beekman was born in 1946 to a Belgian mother and an American father. He received his elementary and secondary education in France and Italy, respectively. He achieved higher education in the United States, graduating from Grinnell College with a bachelor’s degree in political science in 1968 and studied toward a Masters in Business at New York University before getting drafted for military duty in 1970.

Mr. Beekman began his life-long career in banking in 1969 as a relationship manager with Chase Manhattan Bank. After seven years with Chase, he accepted a position with Chemical Bank in Geneva , where he was the European manager of banking to trade, commodity and agribusiness. Mr. Beekman’s expertise in finance later earned him a high-ranking post at Bank of New York-Inter Maritime Bank, Geneva , where he was responsible for the expansion of the bank through acquisition and new market development. He currently serves as a consultant and expert adviser with Stevenson & Beekman.  He recently was an expert to the Federal Criminal Court of Switzerland in Bellinzona, Switzerland.

Mr. Beekman’s served on a number of boards, including BRS (Suisse) SA and the SOFA Funds, the first fund to trade in Cypriot securities. His personal values, which include an appreciation of history, management through corporate culture, and integrity, are aligned with the goals of the Legacy project. Mr. Beekman is a direct descendant of one of the founding families of New York , whose name lives on in New York City landmarks such as Beekman Place and the Beekman Tower. He lives in Geneva.

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